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John Sununu, Former New Hampshire Governor, Says Obama Still Unprepared To Be President

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Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) used Vice President Joe Biden's visit to his state Thursday to blast the Obama administration.

“I’m just thrilled that Vice President Biden is coming to New Hampshire,” said Sununu, a vocal supporter of GOP primary frontrunner Mitt Romney. "Every time he shows up it gives us a really visible opportunity to talk about the tremendous failures of the Obama-Biden administration.”

Sununu said that while he generally disagrees with Biden, he agreed with the vice president's 2007 statement that Obama was "not yet ready" to be president.

“Even with three years in office, he’s still demonstrating he still doesn’t have enough experience to be president,” Sununu said.

Speaking in light of the proposed Buffett Rule, the former governor also slammed Obama and Biden over their levels of charitable giving.

"In their private lives it would be nice to see some contributions to charity that are significant out of President Obama and Joe Biden," Sununu said. "I think it's an interesting contrast to make with the presidential candidate Republicans now have put together a nomination for is Mitt Romney, who gave almost 15 percent of his income last year to charity."

CNN found that Romney and Obama made comparable donations to charity, with Obama giving 14.2 percent of his income in 2010, and Romney donating 13.8 percent.

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