04/12/2012 12:44 pm ET

Kenny Ngo Beats Rattlesnake With Golf Club In Kitchen

Rock beats scissors -- golf club beats rattlesnake.

So Kenny Ngo realized after he was bitten by a venomous baby rattler in his kitchen on Tuesday.

When the 40-year-old California man realized he'd been fanged in the heel by the snake, he reached for his trusty golf club and beat the little beast into a bloody pulp, he told ABC affiliate KGTV.

"I just whacked -- missed the first time and then the second one I hit it," Ngo said.

The snake died instantly, but Ngo wasn't out of hot water just yet. The venom was starting to take hold as he dialed 911.

"The numbness … I felt like my body was swelling up and I couldn't communicate," he told the station. "I was slurring on the phone, trying to get the address and they couldn't comprehend me, and next thing you know they were at the door."

Luckily, dispatchers were able to track his address and find him at his San Diego home, Good Morning America reported. As paramedics walked in, Ngo collapsed, later describing his body as completely stiff.

He was treated with anti-venom and left the hospital the same day.

Bo Slyapich, 43, known as Southern California's "Rattlesnake Wrangler," told ABC that the best thing to do in Ngo's situation is to back away and call for help. Find a way to isolate the snake, like closing the door to the room it's in and putting a towel down so it can't escape.

"A snake will not come after you," Slyapich said. "They are not aggressive. They don't want to bite you but if you get too close, they will bite you and defend themselves."


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