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Chris Christie Talks VP Possibility Again

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Once again New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making it known he's open to a vice presidential nod, should Mitt Romney ask him.

“There is only one person in my party who gets to make that decision and that’s Governor Romney,” he said at a town hall Thursday, according to the National Review. “If Governor Romney comes to me and wants to talk about it, I’ll always listen.”

Last year Christie was pushed to run for president himself, but he has said he will be more ready to run on top of the ticket in 2016. He endorsed Romney in the fall and has downplayed his interest in becoming his running mate while remaining open to the possibility.

"I don't think you talk about that stuff. I think if you're the nominee you're afraid to talk about that stuff because you don't want to jinx yourself," he told FOX News in December. "I don't think [Romney] wants to be presumptuous enough to start talking to somebody about a vice president when he’s not yet the nominee."

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