04/13/2012 07:27 am ET | Updated Apr 13, 2012

Denmark's Little Mermaid Gets A Brother (PHOTOS)

Design duo Elmgreen & Dragset have just given tourists another reason to visit the Danish harbor town of Helsingor: a brother for Copenhagen's most famous aquatic attraction, The Little Mermaid.

Han, as the stainless steel sculpture is to be called, will close its eyes for a split second every hour, which is sure to drive tourists crazy. The statue was commissioned by the city and funded by the Danish National Arts Council.

The town is already home to the Castle of Kronberg (Han will sit in front of looming structure), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the historic town of Shakespeare's Hamlet (the town is called Elsinore in the play and is often referred to as such today).

Han will take his place on June 2.

Little Mermaid Statues