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Asian Takeout: 10 Things You Must Know

Posted: 04/14/2012 10:16 am

By Kate Ashford

You know a little something about how to order healthy at Asian restaurants. Brown rice trumps white, summer rolls are lower cal than egg rolls and you should run from General Tso's anything. But with the explosion of Asian fusion, figuring out what to order can be as murky as a bowl of freshly stirred miso soup.

"There are hidden fats and preparation details that can really keep you guessing," says Angela Ginn, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And those unknowns can double, even triple, the calorie count and fat content of a dish. Here's how to dig in without blowing your diet.

Edamame Isn't Automatically Low Cal
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Before you make an appetizer out of those delicious fiber-packed soybeans, ask how the pods have been prepared. If the answer is that they were simply steamed in water, they're an excellent pick, but "some places toss them in oil after steaming them," Ginn reveals. "So what starts out at 120 calories per half cup becomes 220."

That may not seem like a lot, but if you're on a diet, a bowlful could do you in. Solution: Request they serve 'em with no added oil.

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