04/15/2012 12:26 pm ET

Radiohead At Coachella: Band Performs Hits 'Karma Police,' 'Give Up The Ghost' At Music Festival (VIDEO)

Saturday night at Coachella, Radiohead fans enjoyed an epic two-hour headlining performance from the band, where they played everything from their old hits ("Karma Police") to their newer tracks ("Identikit") to a crowd of screaming festival goers.

RollingStone.com hailed the set as being "easily the largest gathering at the festival so far." Radiohead first headlined the Coachella Music Festival in 2004.

Watch a stream of the band's entire set above. Below, you can find the entire set list.

Radiohead Setlist:

"Bloom" (1:05)
"15 Step" (7:30)
"Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" (11:40)
"Morning Mr Magpie" (17:25)
"Staircase" (22:40)
"The Gloaming" (27:20)
"Pyramid Song" (31:10)
"Daily Mail" (36:30)
"Myxomatosis" (40:15)
"Karma Police" (45:15)
"Identikit" (50:30)
"Lotus Flower" (54:30)
"There There" (59:55)
"Bodysnatchers" (1:05:40)
"Idioteque" (1:10:00)


"Lucky" (1:17:20)
"Reckoner" (1:21:50)
"After the Gold Rush (Intro)/Everything In It's Right Place" (1:27:25)

Encore 2:

"Give Up the Ghost" (1:37:20)
"Paranoid Android" (1:43:04)