04/16/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

Barbara Walters To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Do You Like Rough Sex? (VIDEO)

Things got very crazy on Monday's "The View" when Barbara Walters asked fellow co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck if she likes rough sex.

The women were talking about the erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey." Whoopi Goldberg described the plot with dramatic emphasis. The book is about "an innocent college student who gets swept off her feet by a dashing older man and is full of kinky sex and bondage," she said.

The topic elicited a flurry of eyebrow-raising comments from the co-hosts. Joy Behar remarked that Barbara was "looking very S&M" in a leather jacket.

For her part, Barbara made a very personal admission. "When you go home, you want the guy to be in charge," she said. "More than be in charge, do very kinky things."

"You're a powerful woman. What do you like, Barbara?" Hasselbeck wondered.

"What about you and your husband?" Barbara returned. Whoopi's jaw dropped at the conversation. She turned to the audience with a shocked expression, and threw her hands on the table in exasperation.

"Do you like it when he's rough?" Barbara asked Hasselbeck. It proved too much for Whoopi to handle.

"Wow!" Whoopi exclaimed in reaction. "We are not in our living rooms. Too much!"


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Emotional moments on 'The View'