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Alberto Salazar And Dick Beardsley Still Are Linked 30 Years After Their Boston Marathon Duel

Posted: 04/16/2012 7:54 am Updated: 04/16/2012 7:54 am

Boston Marathonsalazar Beardsley
Alberto Salazar of Wayland, Mass., looks over his shoulder to check on Dick Beardsley, rear, of Rush City, Minnesota, as they neared the finish line April 19, 1982 in the 86th annual Boston Marathon.

Three decades later, Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley still are linked, just as they were for the final 9 miles of the most unforgettable of the 115 Boston Marathons. “It’s probably one of the few sporting events where people know who was second as much as who was first,’’ Beardsley says. “Pretty crazy.’’

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