04/16/2012 03:39 pm ET

'Cheerful Weather For The Wedding': Watch Felicity Jones And Luke Treadaway Meet Cute

"Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" finds Felicity Jones (a.k.a. your favorite British It-Girl crush du jour) faced with a tough decision: marry the man she loves, or runaway with the man she had a fling with the summer before. Who just so happens to be at her wedding. Problems!

Judging by this new clip from "Cheerful Weather," Jones' onscreen summer fling (played by Luke Treadaway) could pose quite the obstacle to marital bliss. Just look at the way he saves her from that cricket ball after all; dude's got moves!

Directed by Donald Rice and based on the 1932 novel by Julia Strachey, "Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" has its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20. Check back to HuffPost during the festival for updates on all the big screenings and events.