04/16/2012 05:51 pm ET

Rush Limbaugh: Who Paid For Colombian Hookers' Contraception? (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on allegations of a Secret Service prostitution scandal with yet another remark about contraception on his Monday show.

Secret Service agents were preparing for President Obama's visit to Colombia when they were accused of hiring prostitutes. Eleven agents have been placed on leave for misconduct pending an investigation.

On Monday, Limbaugh made a sarcastic remark about the "war on women," raising what he said was the "real question" at the heart of the scandal.

"What I wanna know is, did those Colombian hookers have to pay for their own contraception?" the radio host asked. "Or are they covered under Obama's health care plan as it extends to the Secret Service agents?"

"With the war on women being waged at full strength, how could that question not come up?" Limbaugh continued. He said that the question had not been brought up by the Sunday political news shows, or Hilary Rosen.

He repeated a claim that one prostitute charged an agent $47.

"I'm just glad to see there's still one person who's still stingy with the taxpayers' dollars, and I'm talking about that Secret Service guy who got in and out of there for forty-seven bucks," Limbaugh said, laughing.


Rush Limbaugh's controversial statements

Rush Limbaugh's controversial statements