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Colbert Enters The 'War For Women' (VIDEO)

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

After winning the war on women last week, you'd think Stephen Colbert would need to take a breather, but on Monday night's "Colbert Report" he did just the opposite and threw his hat into the ring in the war for women.

It seems that the 2012 election is bound to be a very female-focused one -- whether it's the Hilary Rosen melee, the president's "women are not an interest group" tagline, or Mitt Romney's pro-mom bumper stickers, we're in for a lot of talk about ladies these next few months. And with all of the Democrats and Republicans fighting for whose side is more appealing, Colbert decided to offer an alternative: himself.

"Ladies," he said. "My side is right by your side."

Watch the full clip above and let us know who you think is fallopian-it-to-win-it in the comments.

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