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Patrick Shriver Coachella: Patrick Schwarzenegger Shriver Tweets 'Literally So Dead'

Posted: 04/17/2012 2:18 pm Updated: 04/17/2012 4:22 pm

Patrick Shriver Twitter

Tupac was brought back to life at Coachella 2012, but that isn't the case for Patrick Schwarzenegger Shriver. The 18-year-old Angeleno tweeted that he was "Literally so dead" after weekend one of Coachella.

Literally? Looks like Patrick is taking a page from Rachel Zoe's dictionary. Here's hoping Patrick meant "Figuratively so dead."

We're giving him the benefit of the doubt and blaming his exhaustion. The day before, Patrick was much closer to the mark.

Patrick isn't the only person tweeting about Tupac at Coachella 2012. Read celeb and fan reactions to Tupac's Hologram on Twitter below:

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Filed by Lucy Blodgett  |