04/17/2012 10:05 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2012

Tax Day In Chicago: City's Most Notorious Tax Fraudsters Through The Years (PHOTOS)

Considering Chicago's reputation as home to the nation's largest concentration of corrupt elected officials, it is not terribly surprising that the Second City also has a long history of high-profile names busted on tax crimes.

Of course, Chicago's most infamous tax fraudster is "Scarface" Al Capone. Capone was rumored to have been involved in the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, when seven rival gang members were killed, but it was on federal charges of tax evasion that the gangster was convicted and imprisoned.

In the decades since Capone's day, the tax crimes have only continued. Last month, Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was charged with federal tax-evasion after he allegedly failed to report thousands dollars of income he withdrew from his campaign accounts and used to boost his city pension. Beavers has maintained his innocence since being charged.

In honor of Tax Day, HuffPost Chicago has collected the stories of some of Chicago's most notorious tax fraudsters through the years:

Tax Day In Chicago: City's Most Notorious Tax Fraudsters