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Cenk Uygur To Bill O'Reilly: 'You Wanna Play Name Calling Games?...You're A Goddam Nazi' (VIDEO)

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Current TV
Current TV

Current TV's Cenk Uygur attacked Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday night for saying that organizations on the far left "try to hurt families."

Uygur discussed how activist organization Color of Change contributed to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) abandoning the task force that fought for the "Stand Your Ground" law. Uygur praised the organization's work and said that ALEC's decision "of course made Bill O'Reilly incredibly angry."

Uygur played a clip of O'Reilly speaking with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham. Ingraham charged that Color of Change and similar organizations do not support free speech or any real debate on these types of issues. "I don' think there's any doubt about it that the far left...not only do they not want free speech, but if you dare to go against their ideology, they'll try to hurt you, hurt your family. They'll do anything they can. And I don't see that on the right. There are some right-wing cranks, no doubt about it, but it isn't as organized and it isn't as brutal," O'Reilly said.

Following the clip, Uygur said that he needed to "level" O'Reilly. "First of all," Uygur said, "it's you right-wingers that actually try to hurt people and their families by killing them, by bombing abortion clinics, etc. You're the one with the right-wing extremist terrorist on your side. So don't talk to me about how Color of Change—who actually want to help minorities in this country—want to hurt you and your family. That's made up."

Uygur continued his rant and said that before the break, he played another part from the Fox News clip where he said O'Reilly called Color of Change and similar organizations fascist. "Alright, you want to play name calling games, Bill? No problem," Uygur said. "You're a goddam Nazi, that's what you are." He added, "You're going to call us fascists all day long, and we're not going to respond? Well those days are over, Nazi!"

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