04/18/2012 12:44 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Color Eyeliner How-To: Jessica Alba, Emma Stone And More Stars In Eye-Popping Makeup

These past few weeks, I've become less excited with black eyeliner mostly because a thick, dark line only draws unwanted attention to my not-all-together-yet morning look. Digging through my makeup bag, I rediscovered this emerald green khol pencil which instantly brightened my dark brown eyes with minimal effort.

Below, NYC New York Color celebrity makeup artist Mathew Nigara and ck one color makeup artist Kristi Matamoros share their tips on how to wear brightly-colored eyeliner. And scroll down for celebrity inspiration and product recommendations to recreate the look.

Opposites attract
When choosing an eyeliner based on your eye color, both makeup pros recommend contrasting shades. Nigara adds, "Brown eyes look best with richer, more saturated colors of blue like navy or cobalt. Blue eyes are incredible when paired with bronze, orange or rust liners. Green eyes look wonderful with plum or magenta. And hazel eyes really stand out in green."

Get close to the lash line
"I think it's good to keep it simple and keep the color to the line of your eye," says Matamoros. "From the top innermost area, work your way to the outer corner. Then do the bottom line starting from the outside and work your way inward. The trick to getting the outer corner just right is to look at yourself in the mirror, being aware of not moving your head up or down."

Make your eyes the focus
Similar to the bright clothing trend, Nigara believes that bright eyeliners are best when worn with minimal makeup. "The eyeliner should not compete with other features on your face. Bronzer, cream blush and sheer gloss help to anchor the entire look." And if you want a more modern, cooler way to rock brighly-colored eyeliner, Matamoros recommends ditching mascara for a clean, fresh take on the trend.

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