04/18/2012 03:47 am ET

'New Girl': Russell's Daughter Quickly Falls Teenager Madly In Love With Nick (VIDEO)

Suddenly "New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Fox) was all about kids this week. Cece was late with her period and therefore terrified that she might be pregnant with Schmidt's baby -- everyone was somewhat terrified by this prospect, save for Schmidt. Then Jess agreed to babysit Russell's daughter, who also happens to be one of her students. The third kid in the episode was an absolute surprise.

Russell's daughter became suddenly and totally in love with Nick, in the way that only young people can love. It was empty and silly but no less real and emotionally difficult for her. So when Nick brought home one of his young college girls, she quickly became jealous.

Until she and the girl realized they used to ride the same bus. And that Jess once substitute taught one of Nick's girl's classes. Nick had no idea that the first halfway decent girl he'd brought home was only 18 years old. That's a bit much, no matter the law.

As for Russell's daughter, she was finally able to move on, but not before somehow getting stuck in what appeared to be all of Jess' bras, just in time for her mother to come in and be horrified by everything she saw and heard. That milestone in Jess and Russell's relationship looks to be a total bust.

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