04/18/2012 06:40 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Ron Paul Video Game In The Works

Get ready, Paulites: The Ron Paul video game is coming soon.

The Wall Street Journal reports that programmer and Paul supporter Daniel Williams is making a video game in honor of the GOP presidential candidate. The ultimate goal in the game will be to end the Federal Reserve -- a constant theme of Paul's speeches -- and become president.

From the game's description on its website:

The Road to REVOLution is a sidescrolling platformer action/adventure game, reminiscent of console classics like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog.

You play the role of Ron Paul and make your way across all 50 states collecting Gold (sound money) and Delegates ...

Collect Delegates to ensure your seat as the President, collect Gold Coins to unlock branches of the Federal Reserve where you defeat bosses and progress your quest to end the Federal Reserve.

The game will be free to play in browsers and is slated to come out in July.

Watch the promo video.


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