TIME magazine just released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world (the WHOLE WORLD!), but the sartorially savvy will note that the rankings aren't too friendly to fashion folks.

A fabulous foursome of stylish ladies, though, DID make the cut, and we're loving that celebrities penned two of the entries on them.

Sarah Jessica Parker writes the entry on Sarah Burton, writing that the designer who filled Alexander McQueen's shoes at his eponymous label "did the undoable... a royal wedding dress that could never live up to the impossible dream. But it did."

And Katie Couric wrote about Sara Blakeley, the founder of Spanx (and one of our personal heroes). Couric 'fesses to wearing Spanx herself -- and notes that Blakeley started her now billion-dollar business with just $5,000.

Finally, a pair of sisters whom you may have heard of made the cut. Catherine and Pippa Middleton entered the list as a unit, and TIME seems to have lumped them together as one and the same when it comes to both fashion and... body type? As TIME's Europe editor Catherine Mayer raves:

"The Middletons have become avatars of aspiration. Other women aim to dress like them, to emulate their easy athleticism and their more problematic slenderness."

Of course, making lists is nothing new for Kate, who also recently took home "Best Mannered Person of 2011," Harper's Bazaar's Best Dressed of 2011, People's "Most Intriguing of 2011" (along with hubby William) and our personal favorite: "Hat Person of the Year." Pippa, however, sadly placed runner-up in last year's Rear of the Year showdown.

Other stylish people who made the list: Vogue cover girl Adele, scrunchie stalwart Hillary Clinton and actresses Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain and Claire Danes. Snubbed were Jessica Simpson and Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy, whom TIME presented as nominees back in March.

See the full list of TIME 100 winners here.

Take a look back at the Top 11 Fashion Moments of 2011:

Le Scandale Galliano
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John Galliano's overnight toppling from fashion royalty was the scandal that jarred the international fashion world this year.

After helming Givenchy then Christian Dior--along with his own fashion label--Galliano seemed on top of the fashion empire, waving a golden scepter with his quirky outfits and innovative runway looks. But the designer stunned the world when he was caught on video drunkenly telling a group of Italian women at a Parisian bar, "I love Hitler... People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be f**king gassed." (A woman had even previously filed a complaint against Galliano for making anti-Semitic remarks in the same bar in 2010.)

Some celebrities immediately denounced Galliano and his remarks, while others, like longtime friend Patricia Field, defended him, interpreting his out-of-character comments as a type of "theater."

But few authorities lept to Galliano's defense. In March, Dior dismissed the designer from his creative director duties, and a Parisian trial that spanned the summer months found Galliano guilty of making anti-Semitic remarks and ordered him to pay a fine of 6,000 euros.

Dior has remained without a director since February; rumors that Marc Jacobs might step in to replace Galliano fell through, and as 2011 fades, Dior remains unhelmed. It seems regardless of what Galliano intended with his remarks, he'll never be able to regain his reputation as one of fashion's most respected innovators.