04/19/2012 12:52 pm ET

'My Crazy Obsession' Season 2: TLC Renews Reality Show For Sophomore Season

Considering how bizarre the obsessions got at the end of Season 1 of "My Crazy Obsessions," we can only imagine what's ahead for Season 2!

Those obsessed with obsessions are in luck: The network has renewed "My Crazy Obsession" for a second season.

"My Crazy Obsession" follows people whose fascination with objects, animals, celebrities and more have completely taken over their lives. From adoring giant rodents to investing $150,000 in sex dolls, TLC has had its fair share of bizarre fixations. The eight-episode first season saw successful ratings, with the final two episodes bringing in over 1 million viewers.

Season 2 of "My Crazy Obsession" is set to air in early 2013.