04/20/2012 01:34 pm ET

Celebrity Oversharers: Kim Kardashian, Courtney Stodden, Alicia Silverstone Give TMI

In the age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, a celebrity who isn't a rabid over-sharer is hard to find.

Whether revealing scantily clad self-portraits, parenting choices that make us cringe or romantic secrets that are best kept in the bedroom, these Tinseltown residents are quite the exhibitionists when it comes to their digital appendages.

Alicia Silverstone is the most egregious offender, as of late, posting a video on her website showing some odd motherly love toward her baby boy, Bear Blu. The stomach-turning video captures Silverstone chewing her baby's food before spitting it directly into his mouth.

"I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup ... from my mouth to his," she wrote. "It's his favorite ... and mine."

But not all of our favorite celebrities' TMI moments necessarily make us run for the nearest trashcan. Kim Kardashian is a founding member of the TMI clan -- she's the reigning queen of reality TV, after all -- but she's pushed us over the edge when it comes to her relentless tweeting of bikini photos. We get it, you have a smokin' hot body. Now put some pants on!

But Kardashian may be ramping up her overshare moments in an attempt to compete with the newest member of the gang -- Courtney Stodden. This fame seeker is an oversharer even when it comes to the most banal of tweets, announcing the day of the week.

"Hello there Mr. Monday - I am ready for you to magically melt yourself into a dreamy & delicious day... muah :) xoxoxoxo," she tweeted.

But move over ladies, Kanye West is holding down the TMI fort for the fellas. Case in point: "I just wanted to share what's been on my mind...," Kanye tweeted.

Check out these celebrities who have us screaming "TMI!":

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