04/20/2012 09:46 am ET

Eric Dominguez Suspended And Stripped Of Car By Miami Beach Police After YouTube Video Shows Speeding On Beach (VIDEO)

A three-month investigation by the Sun Sentinel revealed that South Florida cops are some of the worst offenders of reckless driving. Since 2004, cops behind the wheel have caused 320 crashes and 19 deaths, many of those while off duty.

And a March incident involving a Miami Beach cop proved you have to keep on the defensive from their aggressive driving not just on the roads but on the tranquil sand as well.

Officer Eric Dominguez, reportedly responding to an emergency call, was caught speeding so fast down South Beach at 8th and Ocean Drive, his patrol car went momentarily airborne.

One of the many tourists who cross that length of sand daily caught it all on video.

Watch the video above.

Following an investigation, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez has suspended Dominguez for 40 hours without pay, reports WSVN 7. He is also restricted from using his patrol car for two years, forcing him to cover his beat on foot.

"God forbid he would have killed a pedestrian, a woman, a child," said Martinez, who became Miami Beach's police chief on March 22.

In his first week on the job, Martinez had to deal with a another case of an officer's misconduct when he demoted Michael Veski for drinking a beer inside his patrol car.