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New York Woman, Ruth Torres, Is Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Seeing Him On NBC's "TODAY"

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NBC News

A woman was reunited with her lost dog last week after spotting him on a segment of NBC's "TODAY," NBC New York reports.

Ruth Torres from the Bronx, N.Y., last saw her beloved Irish Wolfhound, Dusty, three weeks ago when her brother took her dog home with him.

Unbeknownst to Torres, Dusty was then abandoned by her brother -- who she explained has been going through some difficult times -- in a dog park.

Torres told NBC that she had not realized that her dog had been lost until she saw a very familiar Irish Wolfhound being brought on stage in a "TODAY" segment about pets being put up for adoption called "Bow to Wow".

"They said, 'Here comes Mooki,'" said Torres. "I said, 'That's not Mooki! It's Dusty.'"

Torres and Dusty have since been reunited.

"It was a miracle," Torres said, adding that she is rarely awake early enough to catch "TODAY."

To see the "Bow to Wow" segment in which which Dusty (as 'Mooki') appeared, click here.

Update: Dusty was returned to the shelter after his reunion with owner Ruth Torres. Dusty said she felt "awful" about giving Dusty up but claimed that he was "too wild" with her mother's dogs, NBC News reports.

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