04/23/2012 01:15 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Boston Trolley Flasher: Woman Captures Alleged Lewdness Offender Michael Galvin

End of the line.

A 24-year-old Boston woman collared and detained a male trolley rider after he allegedly dropped his shorts and exposed himself on the train.

The petite, unnamed commuter was listing to music while riding the outbound Green Line trolley around 7 p.m. on Thursday. Suddenly, she noticed a "creeper" sidling up nearby.

"I looked up and there was this huge guy staring down at me ... and then I looked down and he had exposed himself," she told the Boston Herald.

That's when the woman went into "She-Hulk" mode.

"I was screaming," she said, describing how she subdued the suspect with one hand while she called police with the other.

"I basically, like, lunged off the train after him," the woman told WCVB. "It was crazy. I don't know how I held onto him because he really tried to get away and I was holding him."

Police arrived at the Packard's Corner stop to find the "She-Hulk" still clutching her alleged "creeper" by his sweatshirt collar.

Galvin told police that the "packed and jostling" train caused his shorts to fall, according to WHDH.

Authorities charged the suspect with open and gross lewdness.

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