04/23/2012 01:45 pm ET

Dean Potter, Slackline Walker, Crosses China's Enshi Grand Canyon (VIDEO)

American daredevil Dean Potter loves a challenge, and his latest thrill-seeking stunt is no exception.

Footage published by the Telegraph shows 40-year-old Potter walking 132 feet on a one-inch slackline across the Enshi Grand Canyon in China's Hubei province.

Impressively, the barefoot adventurer completed the challenge at 5,905 feet above sea-level without any safety equipment, the Sun reports.

A slackline is slightly loose, making it more challenging to cross than a tightrope, according to the BBC.

But the New Hampshire native doesn't just walk the line. He's also a free climber, alpinist and BASE jumper.

Potter's most notable accomplishment to date came in August of 2009, when he traveled to the Eiger, a mountain in the Bernese Alps with an elevation of 13,025 feet, then leapt off the mountain for a nearly three minute-long wingsuit flight that spanned almost four miles, setting a world record for longest base jump.


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