04/23/2012 10:04 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

DIY Nail Art: Inkblot-Inspired Manicure

When I was in high school, I remember sitting in psychology class as my teacher displayed images of The Rorschach test on the overhead projector. The weirdly-shaped inkblots were part of a personality evaluation created by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. If these eye-crossing pictures provided any insight into my emotional state at the time, I'd be worried about the prognosis. But I've recently taken interest again thanks to this inkblot DIY nail art by Los Angeles-based blogger Maegan Tintari.

Photos: Inkblot test, Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images; OPI Siberian Nights; Sephora by OPI A-Ha! Moment; Essie Good to Go top coat; Love Maegan's inkblot DIY nail art.

Follow these steps to get this manicure:
1. Take 10 one-inch pieces of painter's tape and fold them in half. Cut a small and different design into each folded edge. Maegan's insider tip: be careful making your designs too wide as it could go "cow" easily.
2. Polish nails with a base coat and then paint on Sephora by OPI A-Ha! Moment (an opaque white).
3. Once dry, apply the tape design onto each nail and add OPI Siberian Nights (a deep purple) to the top.
4. Allow at least two minutes for the color to set before removing tape. To add more depth, dot on nail polish around the sides to mimic the flow of an inkblot.
5. Apply a quick-drying top coat like Essie Good to Go top coat to set the look.

What do you think of this inkblot-influenced manicure? Would you wear it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Click through the slideshow below for more DIY nail art.

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DIY Nail Art

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