04/23/2012 02:45 pm ET

Penn Jillette: 'Celebrity Apprentice' Drama Isn't Scripted (VIDEO)

The morning after he was fired from "The Celebrity Apprentice," Penn Jillette stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox) to provide some post-game analysis on his stint on Donald Trump's reality show.

Jillette insisted that the perpetual drama the show displays isn't scripted at all. And he provided a great explanation as to why it's not necessary for the show to write in fictional conflict. "One of the big shocks of 'Celebrity Apprentice' is how straightforward and honest it is. When you have narcissistic, uneducated, unpleasant, two-bit celebrities stuck in a room, you don't have to cheat with us, we will be unpleasant!" he explained.

The Las Vegas magician then demonstrated a trick where he swallowed a Tic-Tac sized plastic object and passed it through his nasal passage and up through his eye socket, where he retrieved it by pushing on the skin under his eye. The disgusting display may have proved why America isn't too broken up about his "Apprentice" run coming to an end.

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