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Gotye Clears Up 'Glee' Diss: It Was A 'Great Idea'

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Blame it on the xylophone?

After calling Matt Bomer and Darren Criss' "Glee" performance of his tune "Somebody That I Used To Know" "dinky"and saying "the vocals were ... ultra dry, sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense," the Australian singer is now insisting his words were taken the wrong way.

At a private performance for L.A. alt-rock station 98.7, Gotye took a few minutes to clear up his "Glee" diss.

"This xylophone hook in my song -- it's kind of dinky, not just in the cover version, but in the original song," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I thought it was a really clever to transpose the song to two guys," he continued. "It was a great idea."

But, he also said "mockingly," according to THR, "Darren Criss is an asshole." So we're a bit confused.

Click over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full story.

Do you think Criss and Bomer's cover of "Somebody That I Used To know" Did Gotye's song justice? Take a listen and let us know in the comments.

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