Nadya Suleman, 'Octomom,' Never Heard Of 'Sound Of Music'

04/24/2012 10:32 am ET

One of the world's most notorious mothers, Nadya Suleman, said she has learned to become a strict parent. While the "Octomom" would formerly buy toys to persuade her children not to cry, she's now more likely to line up her brood in an orderly fashion and march them off to take a bath -- kind of like the family in "The Sound of Music."

"I don't know who that is," Suleman told me when I made the comparison, apparently having never having heard of the governess and the children lined up from the tallest to shortest portrayed in "The Sound of Music." “I don’t know what that is, but they would [line up] if I wanted them to.”

It isn’t easy raising so many children but she's grateful that none of them are as naughty as she was as a child, biting anyone she could, Suleman said.

“I was a biter. And I have lockjaw so when I would bite, I would lock down. I'd rip the flesh off of other babies,” Suleman said. “I would lockjaw my teeth like I was a vampire. My parents won’t let me live it down. My parents had to pay 15 medical bills because of it. I was a biter, a big ball of anxiety coupled with preoccupied parents.”

And although she’s not biting anymore, she said, laughing, "I could be! If I get angry enough."

"I am very oral! When I run, I take all of my sweat off with my towel, and then I would chew on my towel," Suleman added. "I was always crazy! That’s why I am an only child; there’s a reason for that”


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