04/25/2012 01:45 pm ET

Chicago: Hipster City? Travel + Leisure Roundup Names Hipster Hotspots (PHOTOS)

Last week, Travel + Leisure magazine released the results of their reader poll identifying "America's Best Cities for Hipsters," naming Chicago number 14 out of 35 cities voted the top hipster destinations.

The magazine took on the nebulous social group, particularly difficult to define because rejecting the "hipster" label is in vogue:

You generally know hipsters when you see them—most likely in funky, up-and-coming neighborhoods. A smirking attitude toward mainstream institutions means they tend to frequent cool, often idiosyncratic restaurants, shops, and bars—the same kinds of venues that appeal to travelers looking for what they can’t find at home.

To simplify, Travel + Leisure cross-referenced metropolitan areas based on "culturally relevant features" including live music, independent boutiques, coffee bars and microbrews, and let readers rank the 35 metropolitan areas.

Seattle took the top spot, followed closely by Portland Oreg., San Francisco, New Orleans and Portland, Me. Atlanta, Orlando and Salt Lake City brought up the rear, with Dallas/Fort Worth earning the last spot at number 35.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers for Chicago's biggest hipster spots, and their responses are below. What do you think of this list? Tell us what you'd add or what we've got wrong in the comments:

Chicago's Hipster Destinations