04/25/2012 03:46 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

House Tour: A Very Unconventional Victorian Home Designed By Ken Linsteadt (PHOTOS)

Nothing is quite the way it should be in Jon and Carol Knorpp's home just outside of San Francisco. How so? None of the rooms in the 1885 Victorian house serve their original purpose. The driveway and garage have been turned into a pool area and a recreational room for the children, respectively, and the current family room used to be the home's master bedroom. But, it all somehow works for the better. Our friends over at California Home + Design takes a peek inside the unconventional home.

While the homeowners were hesitant to completely renovate the Victorian house at first, the place was simply not well-suited for the family's modern lifestyle. "Like any classic Victorian, the house was chopped up with lots of little rooms. It had a very formal feel," says Carol, later adding, "We wanted to honor the house's history, but it had to work for us."

So, they tapped architect Ken Linsteadt to modernize the space. Walls were knocked down to create an open kitchen and breakfast area with a bay window that looks out onto the new patio and pool. And then, Linsteadt turned the unused attic into the couple's master bedroom.

Once the new layout was completed, the wood board walls were painted a bright white and modern furnishings were brought in. Aside from the façade, we're going to have to say that there's almost nothing Victorian about the house anymore -- which, surprisingly, is for the better.

Check out the slideshow below for a peek inside the home. All photos by Matthew Millman, courtesy of California Home + Design. Don't forget to let us know in comments below what you think about this industrial yet relaxing home.

For the full article and more images, head over to California Home + Design.

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