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Invite For A Bite: Travelling Business Women Connect For Dinner On New Matchmaking Site

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Invite For A Bite makes dining alone a thing of the past for lone female travelers
Invite For A Bite makes dining alone a thing of the past for lone female travelers

For lone female travelers, dining solo or ordering room service might just be a thing of the past.

Now, there's a new site called "Invite For a Bite" that serves as a virtual meeting place for solo female travelers looking for friendship over a meal for two, reports CNN.

The project is the brainchild of Cressida Howard, of Gloucestershire, England, who first came up with the idea after listening to a BBC radio program called 'Women's Hour'. The show explored the uncomfortable nature of women dining alone, but the joy of traveling solo.

The site bans men from using the service because that would make it too much like a dating site, Howard told CNN.

Of course, as Forbes points out, not every single female traveler dreads dining alone and reminds us we're no longer in a 7th grade cafeteria.

While Invite For A Bite is certainly an innovative tool to make new friends over dinner when on business, the site is not the first of its kind. Global Dinner Network puts women traveling solo in touch with local businesswomen for dinner, conversation and contacts, while Maiden Voyage is a social network for women business travelers.

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