Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich: LIVE SCORE, UPDATES, COMMENTARY From Champions League Semi

04/25/2012 02:39 pm ET | Updated Apr 25, 2012

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich face off in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal just one day after 10-man Chelsea stunned Barcelona with an improbable result at the Camp Nou. Like their Catalan rivals, Cristiano Ronaldo and los Blancos return to Spain with ground to make up. Unlike Barcelona, Madrid is not entering the game on the heels of a dispiriting defeat.

Just days ago, Madrid traveled to Pep's place and produced a hard-fought triumph that -- barring an epic collapse -- locks up the domestic title. Not only did Madrid earn that win on the road but Ronaldo struck the fatal blow.

Even if Madrid enters the game with the wind at its back, Bayern arrives at the Bernabeu with a slim lead after a 2-1 win in the first leg in Germany.

Bastian Schweinsteiger admits the he expects an onslaught from the Spanish side. Can Munich withstand the attack? Can they secure a spot in the final being played in their home stadium?

Given the suspensions facing Chelsea in that final, both Madrid and Munich would likely fancy their chances. Will one team get caught looking a step ahead?


04/25/2012 5:26 PM EDT

Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea

What were the odds on this matchup when the final four of the Champions League was set? Neither Spanish team. Also missing, will be several players from both teams competing. But that is for another today.

04/25/2012 5:25 PM EDT

Epic Shootout

Tremendous efforts by both goalkeepers. Neuer denies Ronaldo and Kaka at a full stretch low and to his right. Casillas comes right back and gives his team a chance to pull even. But Ramos airmailed the poorest effort of the PK session. Schweinsteiger steps up and seals it.

04/25/2012 5:22 PM EDT

Schweinsteiger SCORES

And Bayern have reached the final!

04/25/2012 5:21 PM EDT


A terrible miss well over the crossbar. Horror miss!

04/25/2012 5:20 PM EDT


Iker denies Lahm straight down middle.

04/25/2012 5:19 PM EDT

Alonso Scores

With a slight delay he strokes it in for Madrid.

04/25/2012 5:19 PM EDT


Kross rolls it to the left and Casillas handles it with a dive.

04/25/2012 5:18 PM EDT


Neuer stops Kaka the same spot that he denied Ronaldo.

04/25/2012 5:17 PM EDT


He finally finds the back of the net. It's 2-0 to Bayern.

04/25/2012 5:17 PM EDT


Neuer goes low right to turn away CR7!