World's Largest Toilet: Japanese Designer Sou Fujimoto Builds Glass Restroom In Spacious Garden (VIDEO)

04/25/2012 01:12 pm ET

For anyone seeking the liberating experience of relieving oneself outdoors without the miserable stress of pooping in the woods, the search is over.

Designers in Japan say that a new 2,150-square-foot outdoor restroom is the largest toilet in the world.

Designed by architect Sou Fujimoto, the glass washroom cubicle is protected by a six-and-a-half foot fence enclosing a garden of peach, plum and sakura trees.

“The area around the station has an incredible natural beauty,” Fujimoto said, according to NEWS-3. “We wanted for those who used the toilet to enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release.”

The luxurious lavatory costs around $123,000, according to CNET.

This fancy outhouse is one of many designs keeping Japan at the forefront of toilet technology. The country is also responsible for the poop-powered bicycle and the urine-controlled video game Toylet.

Unfortunately for the gentlemen, this particular restroom is ladies only.

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