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The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 04/26/12 02:17 PM ET  |  Updated: 04/26/12 03:40 PM ET

2010 Census: California Families Are More Traditional Than National Average, New Report Shows (PHOTOS)

California has a reputation for being the land of loose hippies and divorce-happy celebrities. But according to a new study analyzing 2010 census data, its residents really just prefer the old-fashioned father-mother-children arrangement.

The report found that the percentage of husband-wife marriages in California is 49.4%, a full percentage point higher than the 48.4% national average. And West Coasters like having children even more than being married; 23.4% of California households are home to children under 18 years old, which is significantly higher than the 20.2% national average.

Making our homes even more crowded are some additional generations. The state's percentage of multi-generational (at least three generations) homes is 6.7%, whereas the national average is 4.4%.

Still, in addition to traditional and full homes, California's demographics conforms to what's expected of the progressive state. While the national average of households with partners of a different race is 6.9%, California's towers above it at 12.8%. Also, 12.1% of households nationally include non-relatives; Californians are either more generous or more open-minded, with 15.3% of households including non-relatives.

Finally, California is above -- but not by as much as one might think -- the national average of same-sex couple households. 1% of households in California are those of same-sex couples, and nationally it's only slightly lower at 0.8%.

Check out some of the most surprising demographics nationally from the 2010 census:

Only 1 State Lost Residents Since 2000
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Michigan was only state to lose residents since 2000. The state's population dropped by 0.6%.

(pictured, Detroit)
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