04/26/2012 09:23 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

The Best Baking Cookbooks: Our Must-Have List

If you like playing with flour, or putting frosting on whatever you can get your hands on, you're most definitely an avid baker and probably a fan of baking cookbooks. As any baker knows, having a good recipe is crucial to baking a successful cake, bread or cookie; and having a baking cookbook you can trust is essential.

But, there are hundreds of thousands of cookbooks out there. Dozens cover niche culinary interests (such as macarons) and there are even more for every major topic (such as cakes). And while having options to choose from is a great thing, the amount of choices can be overwhelming.

While some of us are swayed by well-styled food photographs and others by the sheer volume of recipes, you really can't know how good a cookbook is until you get it dirty in the kitchen. Unfortunately, you can't really test out a cookbook before buying it. But lucky for you, we've walked around the block (a few times) with many recipe books; and we've got quite a few we love. Click through the slideshow below to see which baking cookbooks we turn to again and again.

Favorite Baking Cookbook