04/26/2012 08:17 am ET

Beef-Free Burgers: 8 Healthy Picks

The last few months haven't been kind to ground beef. First came the news about pink slime, an ammonia-based filler that grossed us all out. Then this week came a confirmed case of mad cow disease in California -- and while that cow had, thankfully, not entered the food chain, we wouldn't blame you if the whole situation put you off beef for a while.

So what's a burger lover to do? Fortunately, there are super-tasty, beef-free alternatives. Added bonus? Prepped the right way, they're usually healthier, too.

"Almost anything is a better choice than beef," Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of "Eat Your Way To Happiness," told The Huffington Post. Here, eight equally delicious options.


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