05/02/2012 03:41 pm ET | Updated May 21, 2013

LISTEN: Your Fearless Playlist -- Stay Strong!

Feeling discouraged, downtrodden, doubtful? This playlist will give you the courage to vanquish your enemies, overcome obstacles, and achieve your wildest dreams. At the very least, it will motivate you to get out of bed. You can do it!

This collection of songs will inspire you to seize the day, guaranteed. But don't take it from us. Take it from Chumbawamba ("Tubthumping"). Take it from Lenny Kravitz ("Stand"). Take it from Ana Popovic ("Fearless"). Take it from Miley Cyrus ("The Climb"). Yeah, you read it right: We said Miley Cyrus. Got a problem with that? You won't after you give this playlist a whirl.

What are your "fearless" songs? Let us know in the comments below!

Flickr photo by Kashirin Nickolai


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