04/26/2012 03:42 pm ET

Marriage Romance: Jeff Gardere And Elizabeth Lombardo Talk Keeping The Spark Alive In Marriage

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Between work, finances and children, it's easy to see how couples often neglect to keep romance alive in their marriages.

Psychologists Jeff Gardere and Elizabeth Lombardo stopped by the "Today" show on Thursday to share their tips on how married couples can keep their relationships going strong -- and even bring that spark back.

According to Gardere and Lombardo, most couples focus so much on their children and their careers that they often forget to nurture their marriages. Gardere recommends that couples schedule alone time together, without any distractions.

"What I like about that is that you can cue into one another and have that adult talk. It's not always talking with the children or taking care of the job and so on," said Gardere. "And it lets that person know, your partner know, that you do love them. You are interested in making that marriage work, and that intimacy, that emotional intimacy, is just as important."

And even a simple text -- whether it's an "I Love You" or "How are you doing?" can really make a difference, says Lombardo. "The number one complaint I hear from my patients [is that] the women say the men just don't text enough," agreed Gardere.

To see more tips on how to rekindle the romance in your marriage, watch the video above.

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