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Space Shuttle Enterprise Flying Over New York City (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Posted: 04/27/2012 8:30 am Updated: 04/27/2012 12:34 pm


The Space Shuttle Enterprise flew into New York on an 747 Friday. The Shuttle soared over the Hudson River, looped back down around the Tappan Zee Bridge all the way to the Statue of Liberty, and then circled back towards Queens before making its descent into Kennedy airport. Eventually New York will house the Shuttle, which has been at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, on the Intrepid in early June (read more here).

While the aircraft was never technically in space, it did serve as a test vehicle and traveled in the atmosphere for experiments, so you may still feel pride that our city bagged such a nice specimen for our collection!

New Yorkers were out in full effect Friday to witness the spectacle, as crowds gathered on roofs and in offices to film it for themselves. Below we've gathered a few great eyewitness videos that form as a sort of city-wide play-by-play of the Shuttle's flight. And yes, we too are surprised how giddy this made us.


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  • Space Shuttle Enterprise New York City flyover

  • Shuttle Enterprise over New York - Shot from my roof - 4-27-2012 at about 10:55 AM

    Shot from my roof in Manhattan - plane spotting can't get any better! First up and down the Hudson and then across upper Manhattan (that is what the video is off). Sad to see them go. Thanks to NASA for making my morning today! (My apologies for the "shakyness" it was very windy up there on the roof)

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise NYC April 27,2012, Recorded by Beatrix B.

    Space Shuttle Enterprise flew over NYC. Background: The Space Shuttle Enterprise is the first Space Shuttle orbiter. It was built for NASA as part of the Space Shuttle program to perform test flights in the atmosphere. It was constructed without engines or a functional heat shield, so it was not capable of spaceflight. However it was the basis for the future construction of space shuttles.

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise fly by, Manhattan

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise fly over

    The Space Shuttle Enterprise flying over Hoboken, it was so windy I got blown around video taping it. The approach to the American flag was spectacular.

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise

    Flying over Manhattan. Shot from Long Island City

  • Space Shuttle NYC Hudson Fly by from 300 Mercer Street 042712

    The Space Shuttle Enterprise flies north over the Hudson River in New York City 042712. Shot from 300 Mercer Street

  • Space shuttle fly-by NYC 1

    The space shuttle Enterprise flies over NYC and NJ before landing at JFK airport.

  • Rooftop view of NYC Space Shuttle flyby

    The Space Shuttle Enterprise flies up the Hudson & past NYC on it's way to JFK airport and ultimately the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise - Fly over Jersey City

    The Space Shuttle Enterprise as it does it's fly over on a 747. Headed to the the Intrepid.

  • NASA Enterprise Shuttle

    NYC Fly Over 4-27-12

  • Enterprise Shuttle Flyover - 4/27/2012

    Catching the shuttle flyover as it went over the Hudson River. I was on my break. ;)

  • Space Shuttle Enterprise NYC 2012

    Enterprise flying passed the IAC building in NYC.

  • Enterprise Space Shuttle NYC View

  • Space-Shuttle Enterprise - Hoboken fly by

    April 27 - 2012 Space Shuttle Enterprise on its fly by at Hoboken, NJ on its way to final destination NY JFK airport. From there it will be moved to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and finally put on the flight deck of the aircraft-carrier Intrepid.

And for Photos:

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