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Tom Barrett, Kathleen Falk Release Fundraising Numbers In Wisconsin Recall Race

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Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, two of the Democratic candidates challenging Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in the state's recall election, announced their fundraising totals Friday.

Falk's campaign announced she had raised $1 million since January to fund her campaign to unseat Walker.

“We have built the big tent of support needed to beat Scott Walker," Falk said in a statement. "In an extremely short period of time, we were able to bring people together and raise $1 million dollars because they know I am the only candidate with the backing to beat Scott Walker and end his ‘war on women.’”

Wisconsin for Falk, a group of labor unions funded by the Wisconsin Education Association Council and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, announced Thursday that it was buying $1 million in television and online advertising.

Barrett's campaign said he raised more than $750,000 in the 25 days since entering the race on March 30. Barrett previously had about $500,000 on hand.

"The voters of Wisconsin know Tom Barrett is the best and strongest candidate to defeat Scott Walker, and people continue to fuel his campaign with their time, their hard work and energy, and their resources," Phil Walzak, communications director for Barrett for Wisconsin, said in a statement.

Walker has been fundraising aggressively for the recall, raising $12 million in campaign donations over the last year. A $2 million TV ad campaign from his supporters in Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce, a business lobbying group, will begin Monday. The recall fundraising reports, which are due Monday, are the last before the May 8 recall primary.

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