Dan Halsted Tased 5 Times While Holding Kung Fu DVDs; Awarded $250,000 In Portland

04/29/2012 05:54 pm ET

A Portland, Ore. jury decided a cop can't repeatedly Taser an Innocent man no matter how many kung-fu DVDs the victim has.

The Oregonian reports that the Portland City Council has awarded Dan Halsted $250,000 after a jury found that officer Benjamin Davidson used excessive force when he Tased Halsted five times. Davidson mistakenly believed Halsted had sprayed graffiti on a building back in 2008.

The Daily What pulled out an interesting section of the Oregonian article in which Davidson's lawyer, James Rice, appeared to try to use Halsted's kung-fu DVD collection against him.

Rice tried to discredit Halsted, asking him about his collection of Kung Fu movies, and suggested during his closing argument that Halsted kept resisting because he was likely intoxicated. Halsted's attorney countered that there was no evidence of Halsted's intoxication, and asked Halsted if he'd ever been trained in martial arts, to which the answer was no.

Halsted told KATU he's glad justice was served.

"I was Tased five times, and I was just walking home," Halsted said. "Obviously, something needs to be done about that."

Halsted told KBOO radio he hopes his suit will curb the use of Tasers by police.

"Hopefully it will limit how often a Taser is used and how many times a person is tased," he said. "It's incredibly dangerous."

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