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9 Things We're Not Looking Forward To This Week (PHOTOS)

Posted: 04/30/2012 3:34 pm Updated: 04/30/2012 3:34 pm

9 Things

It's Monday and we're back in the office. Oh, joy.

Since the dawn of time, working stiffs have been annoyed by the same basic things day-in and day-out: the awkward and annoying conversations, the technology that never quite works, hearing everyone weigh in on every single item in the news. Of course, it's better to have a job than not, but it doesn't make these daily annoyances any less grating.

So we thought we'd do another quick salute to those topics of conversation everyone who works in an office would prefer to avoid this week. Let us know if you have any to add; we're sure we missed one or two soul-crushers.

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  • Not Having The Biggest Hat At Our Kentucky Derby Party

    If this happens, just grab the nearest, biggest lamp shade and pretend that's your hat. Seriously, no one will notice.

  • Whatever Gingrich Spent A Week Coming Up With For His Drop-Out Speech Tuesday

    This isn't the kind of gig where you need to give a week's notice before you quit. You can just go.

  • Herds Of Drunk College Students On Cinco De Mayo

    Replace all those nice liquors with cheap tequila and plastic red cups and you've got the collegiate version of the holiday.

  • Bad Parodies Of Obama's New Campaign Slogan, Video

    Let us guess: "Backward?"

  • Hearing How Close You Are To Reaching Your Summer Weight Goal

    We can only hear about how effective your Zumba classes have been so many times.

  • Waiting In Line With Nerds For "The Avengers"

    Whatever you do, don't insult the cosplay.

  • Prom Kids Reminding Us How Awkward Ours Was

    We see one limo of teenagers and flashbacks of dancing sober to House of Pain's "Jump Around" come rushing in.

  • Figuring Out What To Get Mom For Mother's Day

    That lotion/bubble bath/candle gift set is a cop-out and you know it.

  • Having People Do This

    You think it's a nice gesture, but they really just want to see you do that little jog.


Filed by Katla McGlynn  |