04/30/2012 12:33 pm ET

Madhavilatha Ravuri's $6,000 Income Tax Refund Discovered In The Trash

Madhavilatha Ravuri must have felt like she won the lottery after a local television news station in Fresno, Calif. found her $6,000 income tax refund in the trash and returned it to her.

The check, made out to Ravuri, was discovered by Jacoba Lopez at C&D Solid Waste, which processes thousands of pounds of garbarge every day, according to ABC30, the local news station that took the check and returned it to its rightful owner.

The tax refund was sent to an address where Ravuri does not live. According to ABC30, the residents of the home where the check was sent said they did not know how the check ended up in the trash, but said Ravuri was a distant relative.

ABC30 subsequently tracked down Ravuri, who said she had been desperately awaiting the money.

According to the news station, Ravuri will use the money to pay down debt and will give a portion of the money to Lopez.

If you think your tax refund is lost or was accidentally thrown out, contact the IRS right away to receive a replacement check.