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Chris Christie Campaigns With Scott Walker In Wisconsin Recall Election

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie campaigned with Scott Walker on Tuesday, telling the embattled Wisconsin governor's supporters that the recall will prove to America the power of "the people" against special interests.

"For the next five weeks, Wisconsin is going to be the center of the American political universe," said Christie, a Republican. "For the next five weeks, America is going to find out the answer to what is more powerful, the people or the money and special interests from Washington, D.C. Wisconsin will answer that question."

Christie's appearance in Wisconsin followed the announcement that Walker had raised an unprecedented $13 million over the last three months in preparation for the June 5 recall election. As HuffPost's Amanda Terkel and Paul Blumenthal reported, two-thirds of Walker's donations came from outside of Wisconsin, and $3.57 million came from individuals giving $10,000 or more.

Speaking to a crowd of several hundred in Milwaukee, Christie said he believed that his own success leading New Jersey would prove to be a bellwether of Walker's future accomplishments.

"You see, what I’ve been able to do is give Scott and the people of Wisconsin a little preview of what good conservative governance can do for states," Christie said. "New Jersey is giving a preview for Wisconsin as to good things that can happen when you stand up for the people of your state and stand against the special interests who have owned these state capitals for much too long."

Christie made similar comments over a fundraising luncheon in support of Walker.

According to Christie, a Walker victory would "not only empower him to continue to do the things to move Wisconsin forward,” but would also send a message to politicians “all over the country.”

Christie, like Walker, has had his share of struggles with labor unions. However, in 2011, Christie distanced himself from Walker's decision to remove collective bargaining rights -- one of the main reasons the Wisconsin governor is in hot water with labor unions and their Democratic allies.

"In fact, I love collective bargaining," Christie said during a town hall meeting last March. "I've said let's get rid of civil service and let everything be collectively bargained, as long as collective bargaining is fair, tough, adversarial and there's someone in that room representing you."

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