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Damon Lindelof Tweets His 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Love

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You weren't the only person feverishly re-watching the epic trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" last night. Damon Lindelof was too! (Popular screenwriters: they're just like us!)

The "Lost" co-creator couldn't contain his excitement about the final Batman trailer -- specifically Michael Caine's Michael Caine-y line reading of "I've buried enough Waynes."

Damon Lindelof
My wife: "What's your problem?" Me: "I've buried enough Waynes." My wife: "What?"

Damon Lindelof
"I've buried enough Waynes. And has my Wayne Tree grown yet? No, Master Bruce, it has not."

Damon Lindelof
"I've buried enough Waynes." "HOW MANY WAYNES?" "So many Waynes, Selina Kyle just coughed up a BLANK."

Of course, Lindelof -- who has his own skin in the summer-blockbuster game as screenwriter of "Prometheus" -- didn't use his Twitter feed to merely geek out over Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" finale.

Damon Lindelof
I can't wait for you people to see the 120 minute long trailer for PROMETHEUS.

Considering the amount of "Prometheus" marketing thus far, perhaps that trailer will arrive sometime next week. In the meantime, watch the new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer above.

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