05/01/2012 12:07 pm ET

David West, Padres Fan, Catches Foul Ball With Broken Arm (VIDEO)

After the first month of the 2012 baseball season, Albert Pujols is homerless, Bobby Valentine seems to already be on the hot seat in Boston, the Orioles have been hovering around first place in the AL East and the fans' unorthodox foul ball attempts are increasing at a rapid pace.

During Monday's contest between the Padres and Brewers at Petco Park, a routine foul ball sailed into the crowd behind the third base line. Luckily, one fan's quick reaction rewarded him with a souvenir, along with some much-deserved camera time.

Despite suffering a fracture due to a football accident, David West's quick reflexes tipped the ball to himself before gracefully catching it one-handed, all while keeping his broken arm tightly secured with a sling. The only thing that possibly could have made this better would be if he caught one of Ryan Braun's three home run balls. Oh, and the Padres winning probably would have made it better too.