05/01/2012 06:34 pm ET

Drake & 2 Chainz, "No Lie": Rappers Release New Single In Advance Of Summer Radio Season (AUDIO)

Drake and 2 Chainz have released a new song, and many hip hop blogs have come to the quick conclusion that it may be the genre's song of the summer. The single, "No Lie," features a blend of hashtag-style, word association rapping ("Black diamonds / Apartheid!") and Drake's R&B-like hooks.

The chorus isn't the most creative, with Drake basically repeating "I ain't never told no lie" about ten times. The beat incorporates some of the Southern-style trap sound that's blowing up in hip hop recently (see: Kanye's "Way Too Cold").

The track is the lead single off 2 Chainz's upcoming album Based On a T.R.U. Story.

"Thug life, one wife, a mistress and a girlfriend," 2 Chainz raps, before going on to extol the virtues of Yves Saint Laurent belts. Fresh off a guest verse on "Mercy," 2 Chainz has been collaborating with so many other artists that "feat. 2 Chainz" has become somewhat of a standard rap joke.

It will be an interesting summer for the radio, with three main sounds battling it out. There will be the sugar pop of Justin Bieber (he's reportedly releasing his "Boyfriend" video on Thursday) and his protege Carly Rae Jepsen, the completely indistinguishable hip-hop-cum-pop-dance releases from Katy Perry and Rihanna and a rap/hip hop world which finds itself combining a resurgent New York sound (A$AP Rocky, Das Racist, etc.) with southern style trap elements.

Well, what say you, dear reader?

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