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This Month In Food Magazines: A Round-Up Of May Issues

Posted: 05/ 1/2012 3:07 pm Updated: 05/ 1/2012 3:11 pm

The crop of May magazines saw two unusual cover coincidences. Bon Appetit and Saveur both put baguettes on the cover, leading Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport to tweet, "Can't for the life of me remember when a food mag put a baguette on the cover. Now we got two in the same month. Funny." Additionally, Cooking Light and Food Network Magazine both featured tacos on the cover. Finally, both Food & Wine and Bon Appetit May issues are all about travel...and Travel + Leisure is all about food.

Check out the magazines below:

Food & Wine
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Food & Wine's May issue is devoted to travel across the globe. The feature on the Maldives is refreshing, as the writer admits, "As a journalist, one gets jaded and cynical, but even for me, the Maldives creates a sense of wonder." That wasn't our favorite line of the issue, though. That honor goes to Andrew Zimmern, who writes, "I catalog noodle joints the way teenage girls collect Bieber tweets."

The issue offers a collection of the world's best food pilgrimages -- in which you would travel to a place because the food is that good. But if we had to choose one destination to book a flight to, based on this issue, it would be Istanbul hands down. The section on its mezze masters had us nearly drooling on our desks.

And, if we were traveling domestically, we would certainly check out the restaurants of some of the year's Best New Pastry Chefs. The recipes included in the issue are elegant, yet not intimidating.

Read Food & Wine's May issue here.


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