05/01/2012 11:40 am ET

Evgeny Demidov, Sick Russian Teen, Uses Robot To Attend Classes

In a classroom full of high school students, a small green robot sits in the front row, asking questions and calling out answers.

Evgeny Demidov, a 16-year-old student in Moscow, has been working from home because of a heart condition that prevents him from being able to go to school, according to the Associated Press. In his place, Evgeny uses his green robot, the "Android," to act as his eyes and ears in class. The device allows his to ask questions and be called on for answers by his teachers, and also to interact with his peers. His grades have improved dramatically since he began attending his classes remotely.

"I communicate, move around, walk along corridors," Evgeny told the Associated Press. "Generally speaking, everything is the same. The only difference is that I'm at home and they're at school."

Similar devises are also being used in the U.S. for students with health complications who are unable to attend their classes. Fourteen-year-old Lauren Robinson suffers from a severe dairy allergy that prevents her from going to school -- but it hasn't prevented her from having friends at school and even finding love. Since any possible contact with dairy products could kill her, Lauren works from home and sends her robot, the VGo, to attend classes in her place. When her boyfriend wants to see her, he showers and brushes his teeth first so that they can kiss safely.

And who knows -- a high school robotics team from Tampa, Florida could be the creators of the next life-enhancing robotic devices. Masquerade, the Middleton Magnet High School robotics team, just beat out 128 teams to make the World Championships of the 2012 First Tech Challenge.

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