Marriage Affair: Is It Possible For A Marriage To Survive Multiple Affairs? (VIDEO)

05/02/2012 02:37 pm ET | Updated May 02, 2012

Can marriage survive infidelity?

On Tuesday, Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein reported that up to 80 percent of couples stay married after extramarital affairs.

As promising as the percentage sounds, it certainly doesn't mean that the road to reconciliation is easy.

On Wednesday's episode of "Dr. Drew's Life Changers," Dr. Drew Pinsky addresses whether reconciliation is possible for one couple who've each had multiple affairs in the course of their 11-year marriage. In the preview above, the wife, Christy, says she began cheating on her husband, Jamie, two years into their marriage, while Jamie adds that his wife encouraged him to cheat to "even the score."

The couple's respective affairs have added fuel to verbal fights in the past, says Jamie.

"After our first couple of affairs, we used to fight quite a bit. Any time we'd fight every single affair would get brought up -- you did this to me, well, no, you did this to me. It was used as ammunition in all our fights."

Click the video above to hear more on the couple's story and watch "Dr. Drew's Life Changers" Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST to hear the relationship expert's take on repairing a marriage after infidelity.

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